Looky Here is a multi-functional Art space serving the community of Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont. We support artists living in the community by providing affordable used and donated art supplies and music equipment. Our programming, including workshops, events and gallery shows seeks to cultivate interest and appreciation of the arts, as well as build skills, confidence and relationships needed to sustain a creative life. 

Have a box of crayons lying around?
Construction paper?
Wall paper?
How about that old microphone in your closet?
Those cables you don’t use anymore ?
Spare cassettes?
Art class is over? Bring it over here!
Old stickers?
How many hammers do you need?
Blank Cds / Cd cases?
Glue Guns, glue?
Carving tools you no longer use?
Used or blank canvases?
Your Aunt’s Clarinet?
Old soldering iron ?
Or needles and thread?
We’ll take art books and music books!
And fabric and clay!
(Not sure if what you have counts?? Bring it anyway!!)

Looky Here will take your donation and in return you can leave with a receipt for a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation !

Open Hours

By Appointment or by Chance

Looky here (or facebook) for scheduled Events!