Mail Art

Monthly Mail Art!! Now in our second month of existence, The Mail Art address list has grown to 6! These 6 lucky people have already received a special edition Bunwinkies and Viewer compilation C.D., a Mystra Train mix C.D., frames of an animation by Sarah Lanzillotta, a tape by Dose Lonely Boys, a poster by Hannah Brookman, a D.V.D of shorts by the Lovelight Sisters, Omeed Goodarzi’s 7″ record “Evidence of Arrival”, copies of Joel Paxton’s drawings, stickers, glitter, some of Emory’s old tee-shirts and more! Mail Art costs $25 a month and is a real bang for the buck.

email or paypall with your address to join our mail art program!

We also love to accept art donations to include in pour mail art packages! Let us know if you’d like to contribute!